Today Lech Wałęsa continues his mission of international and interpersonal solidarity advocate. Visiting different places around the world, he speaks about Polish bloodless struggle for freedom, peace and democracy. Since the end of his presidency (1990-1995) Wałęsa has visited several dozens of countries, carrying his message of solidarity. Observing ongoing processes of rapid globalisation, he also stresses the need to answer the challenges of economic development and changing societies. Wałęsa, being globally active, contributes to the positive image of Poland and breaks negative stereotypes about Poles.

Lech Wałęsa is the symbol of the political transition in Poland and around Europe. In his activity he supports various initiatives. Having initiated the cooperation between Nobel Peace Prize laureates, he was also active in the European Reflection Group which was responsible for recognizing challenges facing the European Community. Wałęsa symbolically represented Europe during the Winter Olympic Games in 2002, carrying the Olympic flag with representatives of different continents.





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